The reason that Haiti cannot be better is this:"The rich...

Toulimen Legrand - April 25 2011, 9:11 AM

The reason that Haiti cannot be better is this:"The rich elites of Haiti know how to manipulate, divide and brainwash all Haitians to enjoy their wealth." The owner of this blog is one of those brainwashers and he knows how to make up stories to divide Haitians.

As Linda states it, Stanley and Aristide or any other former presidents should not be our focus rather we should focus on how to help an unwanted president by the international community to make Haiti become better.

The idea of reaching a broader audience to make myself known is a good idea, but listens all Haitian radios are financed by the rich and most of the Haitian journalists are paid by the rich to brainwash us more. Therefore, there is not much room to reach a broader Haitian audience in the U.S. unless one can buy his or her own equipments to do so.

Haitian journalists and many Haitian organization members in the United States are sold-out Haitians.

Our internal divisions in Haiti are created by the U.S.CIA to serve the interests of the U.S. government as well as serving certain sectors among the rich elites of Haiti.

I am telling you if the U.S.CIA were aimed to help Haitians better their lives Haiti would be a better place to live since 1865 rather they brought us diseases, drugs, political assassinations, occupation, crimes and corruption, NGOs, and internal divisions.

I believe if Haiti had helped France achieve its independence instead of the United States, France would not treat Haiti like the United States is badly treating Haiti.

Many French speakers argue that it is a shame for the United States to let Haiti perish through its internal divisions and especially a country sharing the same continent with them. The U.S.CIA is the problem in getting Haiti back on its feet and Haitians should open their eyes to confront this reality by engaging in serious dialog so this evil force could be out of Haiti.

The Avenue N base in Port-Au-Pce should be close so the CIA could stop its political assassinations against Haitians in Haiti.

The U.S. embassy in Tabarre should be watched and monitored by the Haitian forces if they want Haiti to develop.

The new president should articulate such a vision because Haiti is an independent country and not a backyard or an unincorporated territory of the U.S. like Guam and Puerto-Rico.

Martelly gets his mandate from the Haitian people and the elites of Haiti; therefore, he has much more room than any other past presidents to defend all Haitians' interests.

Take care!

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