Pastor Dumaine, I want to see you as a healer of our sick...

Toulimen Legrand - April 25 2011, 9:33 AM

Pastor Dumaine, I want to see you as a healer of our sick nation and not as a divider.

I am not saying that you are a divider per se. Arguing about old issues can make you become a divider instead of being a uniter without noticing it unless someone points it out to you.

Stop pointing out old issues and we all already know them. What's important is this:"How can we stop the U.S.CIA and certain sectors of the Haitian elites in the killing of Haitian dissidents which is very detrimental to the prosperity of Haiti?

How can we stop certain religious missionaries and not all in the spread of diseases against our people?

How can we monitor the US. Haitian Red Cross in the spread of diseases in Haiti?

How can we stop the United States from financing 152 political parties that are aimed to divide Haitians more?

How can we stop those foreigners from purchasing lands in our country to retire while we have to live forever here to endure their savage life overseas?

How can we unite our beloved brothers and sisters?

How can we control the country against an Haitian guerilla base well stationed and trained by the U.S. at the DR-Haitian's border to make coups d'etats when any Haitian president refuses to abide by their rules?

The United States knows that the Haitian Diaspora has the means to develop Haiti their way, but it will not let us do Pastor Dumaine.

How can we unite ourselves to solve those problems?

Some rich Haitians are tired of this mess and they want to solve it because many of them have decided to join Martelly to do so, but the most powerful ones don't want and they have the blessing of the U.S. to kick Martelly out of the country anytime they want. How can we unite the rich of Haiti to serve the interests of all Haitians?

Pastor Dumaine, my beloved brother, we have too many serious things to focus on and I am begging you to stop arguing about Aristide or any other former presidents if really you want Haiti to be healed and saved as well.

We can do a better job by reaching unity instead of disunity.

The owner of this blog knows how to resurface old postings with old issues to divide us more. Please pay attention on his political machinations to focus on one common goal which is to make Haiti a better place to live for all.

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