Toulimen, the people will not listen, or understand anyone...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 25 2011, 1:16 PM

Toulimen, the people will not listen, or understand anyone with an empty stomach, were their kids cannot go to school.

Education is the key and to be able to feed their family.

Don't you notice the people always worry about what is next?

Believe me, these 2 problems need to be solve first, we need to reinforce our agriculture system at full force to feed the population with clean food without chemicals.

The foods that they are eating are poisons.

The population will listen if they can eat and send their kids to schools.

If, for example you tell them things just the way they are now, they will not even bother with your important information.

They don't care, their attitude will be"kote manje, kote lajan, kote djob".

Remember Haitians are stiff necked people.

I wanted to say stiff necked fools :), changed my mind cause i will soon open my bznss in Haiti, and i don't want them to set it on fire.
Don't get me wrong, i am a fool too, cause i did not say anything about the problems that Haiti have.
I was in silence mode for years while other good Haitians were dying like flies.

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