Mexico will not renew licenses for U.S. and Canada's contracts...

Toulimen Legrand - April 26 2011, 9:33 AM

Mexico will not renew licenses for U.S. and Canada's contracts to continue with their polluted factories on the U.S. and Mexico's northern border.

The NAFTA's contract will expire for 2012 and no renewal has been planned so far. Those factories cost Mexico millions of dollars in cancer costs and many Mexicans have died as a result of pollutants and contaminants released into the air, lakes, and rivers there.

Now, they are relocating those factories to Haiti-DR's border because the Haitian population needs to be reduced considerably and I bet you the toxic garbages will be thrown and buried on the Haitian side because Dominican Republic as a Latin Country is already aware of that pollution problem from news coming from all South American news media and they will protect their interests.

They will get a good deal and the pollutants will be released on our side and not on theirs.

I think it is important for all of us to tell the Haitian government to engage scientists in the negotiation of those contracts so they can discuss the pollution problem to their environment before everything gets set up. They know that all Haitians are divided and we are ignorant of social realities of the world and they can sign any deal with us. While we are thinking about jobs for Haitians or cheap labor for them, think about the painful reward that may come with it.

I want Micky to think about the pollution problem for the Haitian ecosystem before he signs any deal with them for the relocation of those factories.

Jean-Claude Duvalier had the courage to reject those contracts, Preval and Aristide had done the same too; therefore, I am urging Micky to take a hard look on those contracts and defend Haiti's ecosystem right against pollution before signing any contract with those investors.

Don't trust Fernandel, he is a tricky guy and those companies have already guaranteed him that those pollutants or contaminants would be thrown on the Haitian side so he is eager to sign the deal. Beware and behold! Posting 796432

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Linda,Toulimen,Pastor Dumaine,Tiba,this is serious...


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