Sebastian, How do you expect Haiti to move forward when you're...

Jynee - April 26 2011, 2:20 PM


How do you expect Haiti to move forward when you're complaining on paying an extra 5cents on a phone call or pay an extra bucks to send Kids to school?

How the Hell is Haiti suppose to get better when Haitian don't want to come out of pocket.

Don't you pay tax on everything in America?

How the hell do America function?

how do US pay for schools, armed forces, infrastructure, water and so forth?

you think presidents create jobs?

the government tax the population to create an environment that promote investment and thus job creation.

what kind of job are we going to create for a illiterate nation?

if you crying over an extra 5 cents and an extra bucks, what kind of patriots are you?

When I look at my paycheck in the US 1/3 goes to various taxes, when I shop in NY 8% goes to taxes, my cellphone bill $10 goes to tax. So it's ok to pay taxes in the US, but I am going to complain when haiti wants to collect a few pennies to educate our kids?

Hell the president shoud set a Diaspora fund and true Patriots should voluntarily contribute.

As for welfare in the US, you should not repeat that kind of nonsense.

Everyone is benefitted by welfare in the US including you. the food you eat in the US is subsidize by welfare to the farmers.

if you ever attended school in the US, you benefit by welfare aid the school receive from the federal government, the state and local government.

if you attended college and you recieve financial aid, that is welfare.

if you buy your house through an FHA program that is welfare.

if you work for some of these big banks and car companies, they all receive welfare from the government.

food stamp and medicaid is not the only form of welfare, you have to understand the US system, this is capitalist and welfare country.

everyone gets welfare in one form or another, the point is what you do with the welfare you receive.

the Haitian people already recieve of welfare from the NGOs, Haiti is receiving the non-productive welfare that the very poor receivve in the US. this is not just blacks in America, there are more whites in food stanps.

Have you ever been to a trailer park. why do you think other whites call these people trailer trash?

if welfare did not exist the US would be like Haiti and all third world country, there would not be schools, hospitals, fire dept and all the basic things you take for granted.

Ask the prople in canada and france about welfare and they will explain it more to you..Nothing is free my friend, you want to see a change Haiti, you have to come out of pocket.

the proble should not be about paying but whether Martelly will ensure that these funds goes to the projects and not in some foreign accounts.

if he make sure that money do go to these programs then hell, he can charge me all he wants, and I would be glad to pay these fees to see my country advance!

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