Oh boy! Another old macoute will be shaking down those sexy...

Brigade Des Moeurs - April 28 2011, 5:36 AM

Oh boy! Another old macoute will be shaking down those sexy pretty sexy little Dominican women with nice personality.

He should tax the crack heads per pipe per crack per inhalation, per puff and per smoking it through progressive tax but he cannot tax the johns per stroke, per minutes and per ejaculation because the johns will be united against such homo abuse dictated by the USA to discourage every aspect of the heterosexual practice in Haiti while promoting their homo erectus agenda in Haiti.

Watch out for the rainbow umbrella, rainbow flags in Haiti, rainbow garment design that will find their way mysteriously in the Haitian market from Salvation Army used clothes to brand new clothing.

Watch for the word rainbow or allusion to it in his inaugural speech that will not means modus vivendi with Aristide, Celestin or Manigat but the introduction of his vice in a grand scale.

We will have to import a few true Jamaicans to take care of this problem.

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