Sebastian, you don't need to sell me your logic. I don't need...

Jynee - May 2 2011, 3:52 PM


you don't need to sell me your logic.

I don't need to see eye to eye with you. I am a humane person.

Restavek is inhumane, children are treated like slave.

if you think that's what a foster care is, I guess the french were our foster mother.

Speak about what you know. Children should not be abused or taken advantage of because they are born in a poor family.

US is richer than Haiti, should Haiti be US restavek for that. Slavery was abolish and so should the restavek crap. Haitian should learn to treat all people with say poor mother should be sterilized, who are you?

the Devil?

Haiti is not china, we are a free country, people should be educated in the proper way of birth control and plus when women are educated child birth is postpone until after their education.

It is useless to argue with you. you can't understand that haiti has no jobs and what it takes money and investments to create job in Haiti.

you bitch and moan about a 1% tax on the tranfers, what is there to talk about?

you need money to make money, that is a basic concept.

you kept saying they need to go to work, ok that's obvious, where is the job?

who is going to create that job?

can job be created without money?

kids going to school who create an additional 20,000 to 30,000 jobs.

you talking about diaspora cant send their kids to college, unless that kid is illegal or have a drug conviction, they should not have a problem getting financial aid especially in florida, FL has the Academic Scholars Award that gives florida students 100% of tuition and fees at a public Florida university plus $300 a semester for college expenses, all they need is a 3.5 GPA. some Haitian parents are selfish and won't co-sign for their children to go to school but the money is available.

also due to the lack of educations, haitians are not aware of what is available to them in the US, but you can't compare the wealth of opportunity that is available to a Haitian living in the US and the opportunity available to Haitians in Haiti.

Like i said, if the dollar is too much then don't contribute but don't try to talk me out the desire to help my country.

USA is not my country, I appreciate the opportunities i have here but that will not make me forget those in Haiti.

Lakay toujou rete lakay.

se pa paske ka mange de grin diri nan america poum bliye Ayisien an Ayiti.

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