MINUSTAH will protect the Haitian against a Macoutik carnage...

Operation Makandal - May 8 2011, 11:57 PM

MINUSTAH will protect the Haitian against a Macoutik carnage.

We are asking all those who lose the election or did not participated to the sham, shameful and make believe election to arm themselves to prevent a carnage by the US under the guise of sweet mickey forces.

The USA is arming the sweet Micky group to kill the patriots Haitians so they could take over the country.

Haitians Do not be passive.

If the Sweet Micky start killing people we should retaliate in kind swiftly.

We must make an inventory about where their families live around the world and in Haiti.

Lets makes it a Tic for Tac by any means necessary.

The Duvalier era of atrocities should never be allow to return in Haiti.


Martelly first priority will be clean up the Lavalasse and the Inite camp

Martelly first agenda will be to do a clean up in the lavalass camp and inite camp.

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