It is has been a long fight since 1865 after the first U.S...

Toulimen Legrand - May 11 2011, 4:19 AM

It is has been a long fight since 1865 after the first U.S. coup d'etat in Haiti against Lycius Fellicite Salomon Jeune where the new exiled Haitians claimed that dual citizenship law and should we wait for another 150 years again to change that part of this law?

I am not rejoiced by this news but we must keep on fighting to change it for real. Haitians in the Diaspora should step aside to empower the Haitian people for change in Haiti to end that forced Diaspora which exists to enrich the conservative elites of HAITI.

I believe if Haitians from the Diaspora could invest in Haiti and create jobs to hire their families in Haiti they could definitely end the Diaspora's Welfare.

They should find a way to be the new economic and intellectual elites of Haiti to reduce the influence of the old Haitian oligarchy of those seven richest families in HAITI.

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Hi Touliman, I agree with you that that part of the...


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