No Linda with all due respect to you. I like the name Linda...

Grenadier A L Aussault - May 11 2011, 2:57 PM

No Linda with all due respect to you. I like the name Linda because it is a beautiful name. However, there is a Cuban song called Tres Cubana where the name of Linda Cubana is mentioned.

It is one of the most beautiful songs in the Cuban music and it is a classic.

Radio stations throughout Latin America have been playing this song for decades along with Guantanamera; if I am not mistaken this song is more than sixty years old. The Cuban Danzones have been listed among the most beautiful tunes in Latin America; The Cumbias from Colombia are another type of beautiful music; the Tangos in Argentina are also beautiful; Back home in Haiti we have our immortal musicians also such as Jazz des Jeunes, Webert Sicot Shleu Shleu, Septentrional, Tropicana, Troubadours, Dodof Legros, Frantz Casseus, Edner Guignard, Orchestre Radio Commerce, Orchestre El Rancho, Lumane Caszimir, Guy Durosier, Coupe Cloure, Choeur Simidore, Ludovic Lamorthe, Charles Dessalines, Martha Jean Claude to name a few are among the most beautiful music in the Haitian repertoire.

So to add beautiful to Linda name is the least that I could do. I am busy now doing so many thing that I cannot look for the audio link of Tres Cubanas or Linda Cubana I think it is the same.

When I find it I will send the link for you.
BTW I hope that you are not an anti-Castro because Castro has done a lot for his country and the dignity of his country despite a vicious and unjust American economic embargo against his country.

Despite Cuba current blatant poverty, Cuba finds ways and resources to help Haiti because its political ideology is more just and sane than the capitalist ideology that is basically psychopath at best. Just imagine that Bill Gates or Donald trump get arrested for stealing a homeless person wallet.

It is a hyperbole and a cartoon of the way I try to describe the capitalist system.

They have no conscience whatsoever.

It is a system that gauge your intelligence based on your ability to kill, being a thug and to steal.

The more you excel on those activities they more the will glorifying and promoting you. Cuba becomes since the 1960's what Haiti used to be in the earlier 1800's.

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