The order of things to come Volume II & Trojan horse

Grenadier A L Aussault - May 11 2011, 6:19 PM

The double nationality is a Trojan horse waiting to damage Haiti in the future.

Amerequins not only are going to have American manipulating the political process directly in Haiti by having non Haitian voting and they could use widespread computer fraud.

The worst part of it will be Those Haitians that were born in the USA will have more priority to become elected official in Haiti.

Once Washington declare that so and so has American credential that will means that person will have credential over the native born Haitians.

Double nationality will give the Amerequins the opportunity to do more magouille in the political process in Haiti.

Now with their computer they will have fake Haitians in Texas, Florida, Montana, Colorado, Alaska, and Washington State etc. voting in the elections in Haiti as Haitian.

The double nationality is a deception packaged under a semblance that is beneficial to the diaspora.

They want to set rules in haiti but they will not adhere to such rules for their own country.

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J.j. Joseph says...

I never saw or thought the issue of double nationality through those lenses. After that I read your commentary, I... more »

Linda says...

You are aware that the majority of nations around the globe allow double nationality? I wonder why they do that? Maybe... more »

Concerned P. Haitian says...

That is why they oppose to Henry Kissinger to become president in USA because he is a born German Jew. Remember that... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Hey dude,Kissinger came at the age of six to USA.You need to born in USA to become a president or if your both parents... more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Linda, the dual citizenship law is tolerated nor accepted by many advanced nations that allow it. It is a law on paper... more »