Tete Kale Bobis, Why shouldn't I be mad? Don't you think that...

Tiba - May 12 2011, 6:02 AM

Tete Kale Bobis,

Why shouldn't I be mad?

Don't you think that I have full right to be mad?

And when you asked if I am a Martelly with a USA passport, should I take that question as an insult or what?

Should I be insulted?

I know you meant it as an insult, as if being a naturalized US-citizens is a despicable and shameful thing to be, and yet you feel very comfortable using and abusing US system to live as a king/queen.

It seems that being a US-citizens is shameful to you but you have no problem to live on its food stamps and medicaid program with so much pride.

Hey stupid creature, haven't you ever heard the old saying "Don't cut off the hand that is feeding you?

And yes, I am a Martelly with a US passport and I am extremely proud of that, and frankly it's an honor and the greatest privilege because at least American people and the United States give me all the opportunities to dream of becoming something in life. In Haiti, and being Haitian it's an insult to dream of becoming president, an elected official, or even have a college education, or become successful in whatever it may be.

Sweet Micky (Michel Martelly) is the living proof of that primitive mentality.

Many of you hate the guy because you watched him rising from dirt poor on the streets of Haiti to become a very successful musician and now to become president of the country that never gave him the time and day. You people are so inflated with jealousy and envy for any other Haitian who rose from either poverty in Haiti to become successful or from being illeterate to become a college educated.

I hope you people can learn and recognize that the time has come to pull your head out of your, you know where, and join the modern world, the modern civilization.

This is no longer the stone age era that we are living in.

Remember these are the same Martellies with USA passports who have been feeding the Haitian, we are still feeding today, and probably always will: without us, the Martellies with US passports, Haiti would be dead by starvation a long time ago while you, the true Haitian citizens with a Haitian passport, sit you sorry butt some where in a pizza palor overseas shoveling pizza and chicken wings down your throat and not giving a sh8t about your people back home.

Get something in your brain, stupid!

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