Your technology is too primitive to harm me. in the bunker we...

Agent-x - May 12 2011, 11:44 PM

Your technology is too primitive to harm me. in the bunker we use technology that are highly classified in Area 51. My mother is from Galaxy 7 and my father was born on earth.

I am part of the world Government.

I am not at liberty to reveal those information to you nor how we are operating.

Check the links below for a preview of what are in the store for you.
We manipulate time and space.

We live outside of time and space.

Therefore, we are not worry about ballistic and projectiles.

Don't reveal those info to ABIT because he likes to smoke exotic herbs with tet pias.
If you see Linda tell her I say Allo. I dont care if copere ABIT get mad and Jealous again.

He might kill himself this time. Whenever he tries to be macho, I emasculate him.

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Dirty Cop,you are toasted black like coal in that...


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Dirty Cop,how long you and i,exchanged stupid,useless...

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