As long as you show respect and deference to Aristide and the...

Agent-x - May 13 2011, 3:52 PM

As long as you show respect and deference to Aristide and the Lavalass party, I am bound to reciprocate in kind. Aristide has been a genuine patriote like Cassique Henri, Boukman, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Henry Christophe, Charlemagne Peralta, Dumarsais Estime, Daniel Fignole, Louis Dejoie.

Those guys will never give away a piece of our territory to foreign powers in exchange for their short term or ephemeral material comforts.

Mole Saint Nicolas, La Gonave Ile A Vaches Les Cayimites are in jeopardy.

They might want a military base on the Haitian territory so they could accelerate the development of vices and drug in Haiti.

Now watch what will happen to Haiti in the next 60 months.

Our gold mines, lithium mines and uranium mine will be hand over to the Amerequins for free while they will continues to buy our mangos for a few cents a sac and resell each mango in the US for one dollar.

Haitian cadavers will be for sale to the Medical school in the USA like under Duvalier regime.

Incarcerated Americans will be able to vote during election time in Haiti.

You probably will see the Duvalier death squad returning in Haiti.

People will disappear; thousands will be killed next 12 months under the supervision of the Amerequins.

They will harass the Cuban doctors or even break diplomatic relations with Cuba under the pressure of the USA. More girls and boys will become prostitutes, homosexual and drug addicts.

I never trust people that carry weapons.

Even if the pope is carrying a weapon I will not trust him. That is why they always say that you should never trust a police even if he or she is your brother or cousin.

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