Agent X, time is critical and time is not in our side. We are...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 13 2011, 8:49 PM

Agent X, time is critical and time is not in our side.
We are far behind of everything in life, we most have control of our own destiny concerning Haiti.

Revenge is not an option against any Haitian citizens.

Agent X, face the reality like i told you few hours ago, Haitians are not here to take crap forever, this is a new generation, new mentality, new believers.

There is a new movement in Haiti that flowing like a wild fire thru the territory.Babies, youngs,olds, riches,poors are getting that wild fire in their system and it will generates more strenth every day.
If i die tonight, remember i've told you about it.
This is a new dimension.

We need to be positive and realistic.

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