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I will not get into the specific of politics as that usually becomes irrational territory for Haitians.

So, I will make a some simple observations.

As a cultural studies teacher, I think I'm a keen observer of cultural and social change.

This is what I noticed about Haiti and President Preval.

Before he came to office:
The streets were filthy, no one could safely go out, corruption was rampant and went unchallenged, the country's infrastructure did not exist, Haitians hated each other, and respect for the political process was a foreign concept for both those in office and the public.

Since President Preval:
Every report card on Haiti that I've gotten from my friends indicate that the streets are much cleaner [improvement since it used to be beyond filthy].

Haitians are feeling much safer in their environment, and the UN forces say that in the past three months there has been no shootings that they know of [improvement as one cannot forget that not too long ago bodies were constantly lining the streets].

Who would ever think that not only are gang leaders in prison, but also two members of one of Haiti's most affluent family are right in there with them [not bad, since before, who went to jail depended on who was in power.

An unbiased approach is always a good sign].

I am not sure, but I believe the electricity is now much more reliable [boy what a change].

Somethings have not change, and the president (or anybody in charge) needs to get on the ball with these: Haitians still hate each other and most still have not evolved enough to respect any political process.

Linda, August 17 2007, 9:25 AM

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