Tortuga and other interesting places to visit.

Loulou - August 21 2007, 12:43 AM

Thanks for your post about L'Ile de la Tortue (Tortuga).

We haitians abroad would like to visit our country, but the mean to get there is so difficult.

Talking about investors, some of us can create a new business opportunity, by taking people to many beautiful places in Haiti, bringing revenues to our people.

I visited the Caiman Ilands, Jamaica and many other caribbean Islands, but I was not satisfied: The do not have the charm of Haiti with all their infrsatructures.

There are thousands of places to visit i Haiti.

Places like Port-Morgan, (Ile a Vache), Tortuga,( l'ile de La Tortue), Cormier Plage, Labadee et Milot(Cap- Haitien), Jacmel, and many more. We would be glad to take our family and friends to these places.

Someone with a good entrepreneurship spirit can come up with a plan and start a good business.

Tonne Kraze, I will be the fisrt customer!

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That is true that some tourists are looking for an...



My name is Greg. I am an Haitian investor. I would like to build a hotel/restaurant/resort style on either Tortuga...

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