Tortuga 2007

Greg - August 21 2007, 2:21 PM

Lot Bo, you have a very good point about preserving the character of the place.

I like this site because we can exchange ideas and respect each others opinion.

I know that President Preval is very busy and may not even be aware that this site even exist.

Nevertheless, I do pray that he will some day read the blogs on this site and implement some of our ideas.

I think the ideas that we share here are solutions to the Haitian dilemma.

As I said before and I will reiterate; we do own 5 islands.

Perhaps, we can come up with a mix of mega resorts and tranquil paradise.

Of course, us investors are primarily interested in profit but for me it is my pirate's heart that belongs to Haiti.

If a place like Tortuga is developed, our goverment will make money (provided that we are not corrupted) through land leasing, exices taxes, property taxes, import/export dues, Port/Airport fees, touris card fee, hotel fees, taxes on what the tourist buy. In addition, the development would create employment.

There are so many ways we can make money that it will bless the rest of Haiti.

I do not know how in the world that we did not think of this. We have the resources in our hands but we are not using them. We should look at the Dominican Republic as a model.

They allowed foreign investors to come in to develop the place.

I do not agree on how they treat us Haitians there but they have to a certain extent succeeded in making their country better.



My name is Greg. I am an Haitian investor. I would like to build a hotel/restaurant/resort style on either Tortuga...

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