Haiti Development

Charles St Clair - August 22 2007, 12:54 AM

You have the right idea. We need to start focusing on ways of developing Haiti ourselves.

We have enough well educated Haitians living everywhere that can form a forum to discuss ideas, Just like a Think Tank. We need short term and long term plannings to put Haiti "dans la voie de deveopment".

With the Internet, just like we are doing now, there can be a regular meeting to discuss strategies that can work. The creation of a trust fund that can be invested and used for projects is not a bad idea.
With a million Haitians living abroad, if each of us contribute $100 for a year, that adds up to $100 million.

This would be good enough to start any project, it may be a network of roads, water projects, agricultural projects, etc. The next year we can focus on another project with the donation of $100 from everybody.

Reports can be published to all contributors on the progress of these projects.

Just something to think about!!!



My name is Greg. I am an Haitian investor. I would like to build a hotel/restaurant/resort style on either Tortuga...

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