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Max Johnson Fgb - August 23 2007, 10:50 AM

I hate to be pessimistic but, if you go through the archives on this site, you will notice that many people have submitted similar or better ideas than yours.

However, for all the compliments bestowed on the actual government, there is no fundamental initiative to develop the country.

Haiti will not be on the road to development until it has at least two or three international airports, several modern ports and considerable investments in infrastructure and tourism.

Your idea to develop the islands of Haiti isn't a bad one but do you know that the french institute in Haiti had detailed plans on how to develop all these islands many years ago?

Why the haitian government never implemented these plans?




Some people will say it's because we don't have money.

I went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last year and was surprised.

Where did they get the money to build all these resorts?

Most of these resorts belong to foreign investors mostly canadians and spaniards.

Our real problem might be that our own government doesn't want Haiti to develop.

They want everything to concentrate in Port-au-prince so that they can control the situation.

Preval is no different.

For all the talk about tourism, the environment and decentralisation, nothing serious have been attempted so far. How can you fight corruption if you don't create jobs first?

It's all a smoke screen.

May God protect us all!



My name is Greg. I am an Haitian investor. I would like to build a hotel/restaurant/resort style on either Tortuga...

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