No pride when we messed up allover

Ayisyen Patriyot - September 28 2006, 12:48 AM

I am in a hurry to go to bed, I cannot write long, but let me tell you: " If we're talking about pride, we've had none since the death of Dessalines, then Christophe.

We messed up all over. That notion of pride died with them. Some individuals tried some stuffs like Charlemagne Peralte in 1915; they failed piteously because there was no unity.

Everyone who wants to get rich quickly calls to our inner genetic revolutionnary attitude, but, in the end, everyone ends up a patrypoche like you called my broke ass one. I am just trying to be pragmatic here. We are a very tiny country surrounded on more than half of its borders by this wonderful caribbean sea. We have to start taking advantage of all that, and not bother ourselves in old sentiments from the past.
People are hungry here. THe hungry people, and they are a majority, do not care where their rescue will come from as long as they get rescued.

What we have to do is to organize our forces, our administration, etc. while these guys are there to watch over our back (hopefully) in order to protect us from our own ignorant brothers.

( I am not talking about the majority of people who live with daily hunger and are still peaceful).

We have been victimized in our own lack of pragmatism and lies.
It is time to get away from fake debates and talk about rebuilding.

Those notions of independence and Haitianity have long been gone, even though our original culture remains intact; which we must use also in selling ourselves to the world.

You all are talking about Army this - bourgeoisie that; but the question is now: What is best for our country?

What did other ex-poor countries do to get out of it in a practical and fairly timely manner?

You are all about fake politics.

All haitians who barely finished high school in a TJO School think they can lead the whole nation and possess the monopoly of wisdom.

NO you don't. You need to learn more by being tolerant, by reading more about countries like Malaysia and their ten-year program that led them to a fairly sound economy, about Costa-Rica, a small place that said not to army but yes to a strong police; about Cuba where a dictator made sure everyone knows how to read and has healthcare ( he could have started slowly but set the table for a peaceful democratic transition though because the people are prepared to move to the next level with their education and their political maturity; I admire the man though but his attachment to power may cause that the very people he helped enlighten lose everything if he dies or an invasion occurs, or whatever, it may happen).

Let's return to Haiti: I think we could be fine if we could start judging someone by his actions and intentions instead of the poor standards of our prejudices, and jealousy, and ignorance, and ostentation.

I live in the US. I am broke, started my own business, it did not work. I wish Baker had won; I wish I had some personal relation with some high ranking official in the Alexis-Preval govt. I don't. Believe me. I would have been home practicing what I am teaching: "PRAGMATISM".

I think this actual gvt is doing it though.

Ex; "chime depoze zam ou la mo".

By the way, Preval is no criminal, Aristide is. Preval knows the chimeres, he could have exterminated them, which is what they deserve as far as I am concerned, but he also knows they are ignorant and they don't know what they are doing.

He's willing to give them a chance so they can understand on their own that their time is up. Enough BS.

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