Ask America about Corruption

Move Zanj - August 27 2007, 11:58 AM

Brothers Max and L.K. Good point I do not know if you see that news in the United States down there.

Here in London we expose them...

They control what CNN can say or what ever other Broadcasting put on your plates to chew. CNN is the voice of the Empire like I say all the time. They have some gluttons down there in a shameful Network called FOX News


Haiti dos not come close to theirs

1. Last week it costs America close to a million dollars to ship two washers rings to Iraq. Something that could have costed may be 10 dollars or 40 the most.

2.America shipped more than 20.000.000 dollars in a C130 plane to Irak. It evaporated like I dont know what. Thanks God there were no Haitians there

3.To fight this Contra war of the 80's against Nicaragua they brought Drug, Cocaine, Heroine in their own Country in Los Angeles to kill negroes and they are talking about War on Drugs.

What a Goddamn shame...and when William Casey a CIA high ranking was getting close to talk he accidentally died from a brain Tumor.

Even Roger Lafontant would not do it like that

4. I heard there are some still 100.000.000 millions dollars of Trailers some where in Arkansas for the victims of Katrina.

The contract was done, some of them get rich and they say f...the niggers in New Orleans.

4. When Dan Rather a former CBS anchor brought retarded Bush record to light and how did he manage to falsify, rewrite, bluff his way not to go to combat in Vietnam because of the high level of corruption at the Pentagon, Dan Rather was banned from TV. Even Duvalier did not do it that way.

and the list can go on and on and on and onnnnnnnn

By the way why don't we start the Brazilian Embassy in Port au Prince and ask them why are Sao paulo, Rio de Jnaneiro the murder Capital of Latin America.

Their forces would be much needed in their own Country or may like the Bible says Nul n'est prophete dans son pays.

Move Zanj is biling
Vive Haiti


Fight against corruption? What a joke!!!

Haiti is not more corrupt than any of those western nations that think they are the moral leaders of the world.In the...

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