Would like to invest my money in Haiti

Karen Call - September 5 2007, 4:00 PM

I wanted to donated money to Haiti, but I believe the money would not be use for the people, somebody else will be using it for their own purpose.

I have to see a change in Haiti before I Invest my money in this country.

Don't think that I don't to want to help Haiti I do want to help Haiti every president Haiti has they were no good. Expect to help the country progress they heard more they did not create jobs for the people to progress or educate the adult so they can have a better life. When I see a change, I would give my Money to Haiti's for now nos. I will love to come and invest in this country.

Haiti is a rich country Haitian person doesn't know that if they did the will of a treat Haiti better than that. There is money to be made in Haiti.

When they get their act together than I would to business theirs.

First they need security and clean up all the garbage that I see in the country.

I know there is beautiful place in Haiti but they show that on TV. So all the place that they show on TV go clean up and fix it.

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