Aristidisme versus DuvalierismeSon

Move Zanj - September 6 2007, 12:54 PM

This is a two points argument please be objective

I am by no means trying to compare these two evils of our nation.

This comparison could be the subject(thesis) of a Political Sciences Doctorate but for those of us old enough to remember our coming up and the tremendous chaos that has ensued Duvalier deportation to France we can objectively argue that Aristide has not played the game of Politics as a Professional.

Now let's remember that Aristide was a Priest with no formal knowledge of Economics and Politics...

but Duvalier Son also was a Bambin as my father(who was a national Palace guard soldier) told me who was just more worried about his motorcycle and his cars and also his shooting skills than he was about Country and Politics

We must understand that Duvalier had a cadre, there was the CIA, communism, counter communism, negritude, nationalism and respect of our people from the Domonican Republic because they know we could walk up to them any time with 30.000 macoutes and a tactical force at Caserne Dessalines, a well trained group of leopards in Petionville but still we had electricity, order, a sense of belonging, a little bit of education and most definiteley Hope even though I have accused them for not doing enough for our nation.

Yes indeed there were exaggerations by the macoutes but what about the Chimeres savagery, yes indeed there were cases of viol, vols but what about the Visiteurs, the drug runners, the chimeres of Aristid.

I liked to say that Aristide came too late in a world too old. There was no more communism, Aristide was not the like of el Sandinista Daniel Ortega, the pragmatic Bishop of Grenada or the determined Sierra Maestra fighter Fidel Castro or the adventurist socialist argentine doctor Che Guevara all that Aristide had was populism in heart but no genuine strategy in solving the problems of this Island.

But in all to remain true and consequent to myself the International Community has not given him a chance and Clinton illusion of having Aristide in his hands proved to be wrong.

When I met Clinton in Landstuhl Germany I asked him Mr Clinton are you sure you can handle Aristide he answered me vaguely with time~=and when I met Aristide in Jacksonville Florida I asked me are you sure you can survive the Clinton squeze he answered me vaguely with time I will.
Next time we will discuss economics and social in Duvalier and Aristide regimes
Good night
Move Zanj

Posted by Move Zanj on 8/26/07 9:34 PM

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