Perle Des Antilles - September 13 2007, 12:26 AM

where are you?

man! you wish, you can eat big mag in peace.Did you eat this morning in front of a pile of garbage?

2 miles or less near your face.you have to be in Haiti?

to talk like that.
We need you to come with a new idea of a country for Haiti every nation rich or poor live now everywhere in the world black, white or any nations clean toilets or go to the moon it's up to you to pick.what do you want to do with your life.
An advice calm down think a bit about your last email.Put your mind of thinking of a new way to have the money for a new country instead of thinking this way.

Response to:

Brother L.K. I thought I told you to shut the hell...


The destruction of my belovedHaiti

How do you consider yourself president of Haiti,while the nation is under foreign occupation? Please,explain that to...

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