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Jacques Pierre Is A Dummy - September 14 2007, 11:26 PM

Reponse to a moron.

I find it facinating that this cretin who is living in one of the Banlieu or suburb or rather the slum of Paris feels that he is qualify to teach us that Rene Preval was not really elected to the Haitian presidency, rather he was named by the international community.

What we have here is a man who is barely able to read and write, who fancies himself as an educated person when in fact he is one of the numerous slum dwellers who almost burnt Paris down to the ground in the fall of 2006. A mind greater than I once said that a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

For your information, dear pederast, where it not for the GNB inspired provisional electoral council (CEP), Rene Preval would have won the election not by the final offical tally of 51%, but would have won it by an excess of 70% or higher.

Take note you vulgar psuedo-supranationalist GNB, even with a CEP repletes with GNB aparachik, the best one of your guys could do is to come a distant second with 12% of the popular vote. For your information dear moron, were it not for "honest" Jacques Bernard with his unorthodox counting methods and chicanary the best your guys would probably do is half the final tally.

Note dummy, if you extrapolate the number of votes that were discarded because of voters irregularities, votes that were not counted because ostensibly Haitian peasants woke up at 4:00 o'clock in the morning, stayed in line for hours to vote "blanc" that is expressed no preference.

Additionally, votes found in a P-au-P dump. What we have here is not only (in the word of Concern in Brazil) a pederast, but also a born liar.
Cretin, to answer your question as to what would cause a person to support a man like Rene Preval?

Elementary dear dummy, because he does not think like you. President Preval is a true democrat.

He loves his people.

He wants the betterment of the country.

Above all, he knows that the country is at an impass esconse as it is between the imperialist who wants to devour everything withing its jaws in the one hand and the in house Conze on the other.

In conclusion, if I may paraphrase a now deceased Mexican president, poor Rene Preval, so far away from God and so near to a semi-literate homo like Jacques Pierre.


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