One respe pou granmoun lontan

Mckenzie - September 18 2007, 11:39 PM

Mami ou Papi,

It is with the greatest pleasure that I respond to your post. I was one of the person who felt the need to straightened out this Jacques Pierre person.

It is not my way to use the terms that I used to describe him. However, I was so upset with the terms that he used to describe the first citizen of the land that I felt the need to respond to him in kind. In retrospect I was somewhat out of order-to that end, I apologize to all who visit this blog. However, like you, I am from the old school.

I believe that irrespective who the president is and whether you agree with his politic or not you should respect the office if not the person.

That being said, some of the salutations that are used are terms of endearment thus you should not mind it so much. What I oppose and will respond to are injurious terms that disrespect the Haitian nation and its proud and valiant people.

One, Respe


koutwazi et respe

Mwen we koman anpil moun adrese yo a Prezidan peyi a. Nou ta renmen itilize yon fason aproprie ki montre nou respekte...

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