Mckenzie - September 19 2007, 3:15 PM

Dear Sir,

I believe that you are mistaken.

The idea to distribute the funds to senators and deputies was not the executive, but the senators and deputies themselves.

In an interview that Sen. Kelly Bastien accorded to Lilianne Pierre-Paul (Radio Kiskeya), Sen. Bastien made it clear that as a precondition to vote the extraordinary budget, the paliament must get some of the funds ostensibly to alleviate the suffering of their local populace.

Pres. Preval suggested that public employees receive a fourteen month salary.

The paliament members that were present suggested that they be accorded a sum of 10,000.000.00 gourdes.

A rectification.

The paliament that you refer to during the Duvalier era did not receive money to vote this or that law. All Duvalier had to do was to have Mad. Max sits in the corner of the chamber and once the vote was called-"assis pour, contre debou".

Who would have the gall to stand-up?



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