Fanatical missionaries

Mckenzie - September 21 2007, 11:00 PM


Why are you surprise by these fanatical Protestant sects bringing with them the same attitudes and teachings that used the Bible to justify slavery.

If you recall your history book, Protestant preachers thought that black people were the decendents of Ham who disobeyed God hence are forever condemned to served his brothers and their decendents.

Trust and believe when I tell you that I have spoken to these gullible Protestants and they still believe such rubbish.

And they spread this canard where ever they go.

You must also realize that this mindset does not originate out of a vacuum it is the results of many years of racist thinking that relagates black people to second class status.

These people will continue to spread their venomous diatribes until such time that when we no longer have an illiteracy rate in excess of 70 percent.

For let us not forget the words of Judge Robert Bork, "if you think education is expensive, try ignorance".



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