Les faits sont la.

Ti Malice - September 23 2007, 1:05 AM

LINDA, this time I have to disagree with you! I do not know how old you are, but I can tell you this: Haiti had some good leaders one of them was Presidient Estime.

Depending on where you're from, in Haiti, a leader can be viewed as good or bad. for Example, in the Nothern part of the country, Henry Christophe, is the best, while he is the worst for the rest of the country.

The poors saw in Aristide an angel, while he is a demon for others.

Jean Claude Duvalier so far is one of the best president of Haiti.

I rejoiced when he was picked up by the Americans and shipped to France! I was 19. Now I realize he was not that bad. People loved him, and still do. When he was in power, there was not that kind of poverty in Haiti.

He built roads, bridges, schools, clinics etc...

Althoiugh electricity was not available to the rest of the country, Port-au prince and the other cities, to my knowlege had electricity.

We experienced some "blackouts' from time to time. We had a "Teleco" in almost every city. Haiti was getting out of poverty.

The media started to have some freedom.

People were safer, it was safer to walk in the streets.

Many of my generation remember going under the lamp posts to study, without fear, late at night.

Carnaval was great.

the street were cleaner.

The country was ok!.

J.C was one of the president you could see riding his mortocycle in the street; when he visited a place or citi, everybody will go to see him. No body fled the town when he arrived or was forced to bow befotre him or greet him...

We know and hear about some horrible stories about the Tonton Macoutes.

Not all of them engaged in killing and torturing people.

Almost every one had a relative who was a "macoute".

I am not defending the regime.

It had its flaws.

But Now living in the US, I can tell you this: some police behave worst than the macoute: they shoot the citizen in broad day light and get away with it, they beat you up like the macoute did ( the beat Abner Louima and did to him what a macoute has never done; They shot Amadou Diallo 26 times, they beat Rodney king...Some police here in the US kill and beat people, planted drugs in their car. The US Government will seize your property and sell it in auctions if you fail to pay your taxes...

So many uggly things done by police, and other agents of local, state and Federal governments here. Do we call them savages?

Oh Noooooooo..

they are here to protect...Please!
They have trained the macoutes!!! or Maybe the macoutes trained them!!!!.

I am in no way defending the Macoutes, or denying that betrayal in torture happened under the fallen regim.

I was trying to say that was not an everday fact, and that kind of disrespect for human right exists even in this democratic country which continues to execute prisoners in their gas chambers, or putting them on the electric chair, a country with more black men in jail than in colleges.

But Linda, is that savagery, democracy, or freedom?

Remember that there was no gas chamber in Haiti, no Taser gun, no Electric Chair, No Mace when Jen Claude duvalier was in power.

The "Koko makak" were used for law and order.

They were over used and in many cases injustly.

I am not denying the fact that some innocent people were falsly executed for political reason and in pretending the fight against communism.

Innocent people are losing their live right now in the fight against terrorism.

They don't need the help of a brother or sister to implicate you or to detain you. your car is bugged, your converstions are monitored.

You know!!! I do not have to tell you!!! No matter where you go and what kind of government you have, you would see the same thing or may be worst.

By the way:Divalie fe pou ampil moun la!!! Nou fe manti sou li: nou di yo te pesekite nou, yo te bat nou, yo te maltrete nou, nou invente toukt kalite istwa
pou nou jwenn rezidans et pou nou voye chache fanmi nou Haiti.

Gen nan nou ki te vole, si yo te tchwe'w yo anba kout baton, yo pa t'a pale konsa.

Linda, before making this kind of statement that may be partially true, do some research.

I know you you can, but you rely too much on what you may hear.
I am not a macoute, never participated in any government, nor encouraging the return of Baby doc whic. I moved here since I was 19, and I belived in all those who said they could do better than the Duvalier and the Macoutes.

But so far, no body comes even close.

I believed in Aristide, and I was disapointed.

I believe that this current administration can do the job without using the approaches of Aristide an Duvalier: Licence and kokomak can not help us. I think we must stay in between!

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