Fome komite- a

Ayisyen Patriyot - October 10 2006, 12:01 AM

When we have cases like Limbe, the only solution is the "Komite Katye" where everyone knows everyone and they all get together to watch the neighborhood.

When danger is approaching, someone blows the whistle and everyone wakes up to make noise and possibly catch the bad guys.
I am for a sophistication of the movement though; Some people, well reasoned people in the neighborhood, chosen by the people, should wear weapons, heavy weapons; Those who do should have some kind of compensation from the community, especially if they are honest and broke.

Misery is such a spreading cancer in our country right now; it transforms the good into the bad, the unconcievable into the daily living;
But people are still good, most of them. THe youth is the major problem.

Drug (cocaine and heroing) are big problems.

Those who used to smoke the herb now use the needle and look like trash and lose their dignity.

The president and the government, not only should they inspire hope, but also encourage people to form neighborhood committies, giving them directions, keeping them from becoming violent and disturbing;

The president can do more: I agree that he should come here to the US, also Canada, France, etc. to ask for help.
But not only help from those governments, but, most importantly, from us Haitians; 1, 2,5, or 10 dollars a week/month/year from each of us to a local organization in Limbe, just for security, or gaz for the motor, or better an eolian or solar electricity project would do a lot of good.

Let's keep thinking, but there's a greater need to act.

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