I have almost the same problem

Leo - October 13 2006, 8:44 PM

No one to trust, I feel like I don't have a country where I can go freely and happily.

I would like to run a basic computer school in Haiti, specially Aquin Lalanne in sud, but everyone will try to get rich on me. I would love to help some people to know a little bit about the new technology too, but I have two children here in the United-States ages: 5 and 1. Therefore, I cannot live in Haiti, now. I love Haiti but it is the worst country in the world.

Only one person can't change Haitians people, we are very sick in everything.

We go from good to worst, if we don't make a difference for our country who will do it us?

my plane for Haiti almost goes away because of too much fear.
If Haitians people never can work team, we won't fix these problems.

We need to stop being jalous when someone can do something better or killing someone else for anything.

We can change from worst to good, if only we believe on helping each other to do good. I am ready to start it, are you?

I read very painful thing from Haiti, someone killed old president wife Dumarser Estime, and kidnapped a lot more demanded $100000, $50000 or $10000 USD to be free. I Wish, we can work together to stop these, when we know something wrong then we say it.
And also, we do whatever it takes to make it happens.

Haiti is for you and me, let's make the dream comes truth.

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