Dear Anthony, and other participants! Your observation...

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Dear Anthony,
and other participants!
Your observation concerning Haiti on the Rise is correct.One thing we need to careful of is the way we see Haiti now after we have lived outside Haiti for many years versus the way the reality is for those who are living there now.
The truth is the people who never left Haiti do not and probably cannot see what you and I see when we go to visit our country.

Life has become extremely too expensive for the people who live there (Now, it's different when we exchange 1 American dollar and voila: We have 7 Haitian Dollars or 35 Gourdes)
However, think of the people who have no jobs, where will they find that American dollar?

Communication has improved in modern cellphones but the basic phone system in Haiti is outdated unless something has happened recently.

Oher nations have lots of problems connecting with our Telecommunication system because it is too old, unless things have changed, the situation is bad when a nation has several millon Habitants and only has capacity for 500,000 lines (that is not a fact, it is just an example)
That has to change...If one expects to ameliorate a situation, one has to start with the problem.

A problem is not really a problem until someone refuses to deal with it, otherwise a problem is just another opportunity in disguise...A new way to advance, as a matter of fact, look anywhere in the Bible, I can guarantee you that you will not find any miracle that did not start with a problem.

Every miracle from the first Book of the Bible (Genesis) to the last Book (Revelation) started with a problem.

So when a nation like Haiti has lots of problems, one can say that Haiti is ready to receive lots of miracles.

Guest what?

Your problems are your miracles in reverse or in disguise.

Someone said and I quote:"Every gift that God gives, He wraps it up in a problem, to get the gift you must solve the problem" Do you see that thought?

Just think first and see if that is not the answer to every problem...

To support what I have just said, don't they say in a capitalist world:
"Necessity is the mother of all inventions"
What does that mean?

According to what I understand, every time we face a difficulty, we are ready to learn something new and we are ready to invent or come with a solution to resolve it....

United States of America used to have all the problems that Haiti has now but they did not complain about it they worked hard, they studied the problem, they researched the problem, and they came up with solutions...for the got it...

They repeat that process every time a new problem pops up.

When was the last time did Haiti did a study about its own problems?

And if it did such a research, what was the result?

What was the solution found?

What was the process adopted to resolve it?

Until we are able to answer those questions, the nation of Haiti will continue to see setbacks instead of true progress.

Have you ever heard the saying about how one eats an elephant?

If you did or not please, let me know...

You have great ideas and thank you for responding to my posting.


Gerard, October 4 2007, 4:31 AM

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Dear Anthony, and other participants! Your observation concerning Haiti on the Rise is correct.One thing we need to... read more >
Gerard, 4-Oct-07 4:31 am


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