Mr President et Mr Premier Ministre France refund

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Jean Luc 10/4/07 12:07 AM
Mesidor 10/4/07 17:55 Swisstime.

Mr President & Mr Premier Ministre It is true we would like France to refund our millions, and Opologized for been undemocratical to our Sovereign.

We the people of Haiti and the Haiti Diaspora people are asking you to make such request on our behalf, nevertheless your opinions on achieving great relationship with France.

All those Undemocratical passed abused are part of the reasons we are where we are today.

We would like you to transparently open and exposed your communications line on that matter with France, It is a legitimate request even as if your goal to achieved a better relationship with France, It should be more embarrassing to them today as it never been as they are trying to pertay themselves a great friend today.

That will be a greater way to start to establish
that great relationship with France with our head up an extra ten millions could be great for our National Bank Asset, forget about the interest on that 10 millions.

Lakay ta fé anpil bel Bagay ak ti cash ça
Mr President & Mr Premier Ministre:
Our Ancestors and the Haitians People World Wide will be very proud of such achievement, even some dead Haitians Body will be proud, longer it takes to bring it to the table harder it will get just because of High Tech Demoicracy.


Roland, October 4 2007, 12:14 PM

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Capt. Robert A. Bertrand-righi, 25-Jan-10 2:13 am


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