tet ansanm kounye-a

Wilgeens Rosenberg - October 8 2007, 12:32 AM

There is much to be done for Haiti and it starts with us, each and every individual one of us.

Haiti's social stability depends on us abroad to promote it well, and invest in it as we should let our actions to speak with our words.

Let us turn words into actions, stop the blame and the pretext of always to be individually right.

Let us be right together and flourish.

In facing Haiti's challenges I assume is never easy and will not be a quick fix; but rather a slow fix than no fix at all and that fix begins with us.

International assistance may begin with us Haitian to show other foreign contributors the confidence that it is safe to invest in Haiti.

Firstly, this will require "TET ANSANM" and Self-Promotion of our very own HAITI CHERIE.

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