I could only tell: If you are Haitians or not: You need to...

Roland - October 8 2007, 4:34 AM

I could only tell:

If you are Haitians or not: You need to give Haitians people credit and respect: Whatever I ever said, doesn't and never disrespect Rene Preval ; However If I ve said something to get you come down your mighty gold chair colonisators gave you one the side: We haitians poor and needy doesn't care about it.

We will continue our struggle until the day.

If you know Haitians you will hesitate to say Respect doesn't mean anything to us, Of course we are not U.S to kill or destroy those who challenged us unfairly.

But Hey every prayer have it's (Amen) or Ayi Bobo

You could have at least copy and paste what i said to make you get off your mighty gold chair.

Koupé Tet Boulè Kay, Why anyone of you talk to G Bush, many of you scared to loose your green cards or citizenships instead of stand up, many of you get on your knees, and proceed with their demands.

If you know what i mean.

I have one questions for you: Was you adopted by some jews?

or so called missionnary.

Roland Mesidor is me all my passports and degrees carry that name: Everyone who knows me know me under that name.

So Respect Haitians because we have done a lot for the world: The world is hateful towards us: determine to proove we are imcapable without their helps to keep us under control.

Too bad I never will be a politician, If i would a lot of nations will never have a chance to step foot or to live in Haiti.

Ayi Bobo

Resistance, is the worst pill for cowardness.

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jeanclaude duvalier

lets be real write now ever since he left haiti it havent been the same preval what about all the money aristide took...

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