System Upgrade will bring good leadership.

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Mr President
Mr Premier Ministre

I have to congratulates the government personnally on behalf of so many Haitians in Haiti or Abroad 's to such a task taking upon themselves: Upgrading the Haitians Administratives: Helas this is again an Historical moments to see Big ponpons going to Jail in Haiti: This is a sign of hope, but haitians doesn't loudly applaused that step enough:

Mr President & Mr Prime Minister Please Please Please It is important to get a little tougher, to get ride of that Cancer ravaging our Nations.

The Government should send out a Communiquée with a logo.

Maché sou pingaw, pou w joui péyi w.

We need that message for the fake bourgeois of Haiti to get it together, with their vampires system of colonisations.

For 27 years now I never missed a year not to step foot in Haiti, I am observing a lot of things also learning how things works in other countries: We are not that bad we just have to learn to love our country and only our country.

Until then all the president comes will have stabilisations difficulties.

We all have to have our bricks or piece of our bricks cemented together to Rebuild Haiti.

Once again Congratulations.

Roland, October 8 2007, 6:52 AM

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