First let me tell you that I am canadian. Born from a French...

Alain - October 9 2007, 9:12 PM

First let me tell you that I am canadian.

Born from a French Father and French Canadian Mother.

For the record I am a Hotel manager not a politician neither a colonizer.

Unfortunately, The facts that you are telling are a vicious circle.

More there is discrimination against ethnic minority and more violence and crime rate there is in those minority:

In all western country where there is strong immigration there is always immigrants being discriminated.

Where he has to fight to survive, sometimes steal, Narco trafficking etc..

at the end it brings us again at the beginning of the loop.

Those are social facts.

I am far from being racist or I would never allow myself any racist comment.

I am married to a beautiful black woman and my daughter is also mulâtre. The real solutions to this vicious circle, is informations, sensibilization campaigns but it will never disappear athe best it will disminuish.

May God protect us all


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