Here again, your expose is biased. It is contradictory. You...

Ti Malice. - October 11 2007, 9:10 PM

Here again, your expose is biased.

It is contradictory.

You quoted old Testament to make your point> It was you who said that the old testament was writen by iqnorant jews. You do not follow a logical point and distorted the word of Paul and Jesus.

As a believer, I have a personal experience with Jesus, my savior.

I was a non believer, like paul, and like you. Paul who heard Jesus voice in his way to Damascus had become a fervent follower.

I see that all the ennemies of the faith become the one that defend and protect this faith.

Many people have kliled in the name of Jesus, the muslims killed in the name of Allah, yet these faiths condenm murder, theft, rape, lies etc....

Most of the laws governing our society can find their origin in the holly books.

Yet, you despise everything biblical.

We are all aware of the church history, you forget that the apostle have been decapitated, crucified, or fed to lions.

You have been one sided in your expose.

You have vilified the faith and make us believe is founded on lies, ignorance.

Sister, I am convinced you going to be a christian soon or later and you will do exactly what Jesus aske his disciples to do: go every where in the world, make every one a disciple and baptized them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

This is were tyhe Trinity doctrine started from/// I will be glad to see you baptized and become a christian.

Reading your expose on Vodou as well, it seems you favor these blood thirsty spirits, its seems you have presented Voodoo as an alternative to or is better than christianity.

Like Paul, one day your eye will be opened, your mind and your heart will be receptive to the message of the man of Gallilea., the man who loves us like noboby does. Try to know him!.

I know you like to read, do just like me, start to read the bible and you will be amazed..I can no wait to see Pastor Gerad baptize you one day. Like a person put it "the person who talk bad about Jesus has a profound desire to know him, but doesn't know how to start looking for him....


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