To one and all, I have refrained from posting because it is my...

Mckenzie - October 11 2007, 10:53 PM

To one and all,

I have refrained from posting because it is my estimation that this blog has been taken over by about half a dozen of psudo intellectuals who tend to pontificate on things in which they have little of no knoledge.

I have in mind two specific individuals -one posts under a pseudonym making provocative comments geared to inflame reader's passion.

He/she likes to call Haitian savages, etc. Truth be told, from the level of his discourse and writing ability, he is the savage par excellence.

The other posts three to four comments a day (I guest she has a great deal of time); most of her post is both inane and uninformative, supercillious in nature and in content.

At first glance some of her comments could be viewed as containing a kernel of truth, but closely scrutinized however, we find that it is all fluff and no substance.

For exemple, our Biblical exegete proclaimed that the Greek word for Christ means "Messiah"-wrong.

Christ means "The annointed one", that is the one who is to come. The question is "one coming from where and sent by whom?

I rest my case.



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