Religion vs Christianity

Mardochard Louis - October 16 2007, 10:38 AM

Mr/Mrs Flo


From a Christianity stand point, the objective of my argument is specifically intended to redirect people's attention on the mount Calvary, where Christ was crucified on their behalf, rather of helping them by focusing on the European religion ideology, which will keep them from coming closer to their redeemer.

That mistake belongs to the pass, why stirring up its ashes to cloud the judgement of those who are looking for false reason of that nature in order to further their negative criticism on Christianity, instead of embracing it for the sake of their salvation.

If I could convince you to become a christian, please to God! Let Him and His angles rejoice in heaven! Finally, why do you want to discuss Chinese economy for?

It is the second world prosperous and faster economy, but is not though a good model to use as a module for developing nations due to the surplus of its supplies which fluctuates the stability of the market.

The success of its economy is based on the human qualitative resources availability and technology efficiency.

Any nation which posses those two essential tools will be able to compete successfully and have a good lucrative share from the economical business of the world.

Although I don't know exactly what you want to discuss about Chinese economy, therefore I have to pause here.

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