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Mardochard Louis - October 17 2007, 1:19 PM



My philosophy is: in all discussion about any subject, it is required by logic to seek first for the reason, and then to submit it to the judgment of the truth.

Therefore, after careful analysis, if that reason can not be attested by the truth, it is declared false.

In fact, your dubitative declaration about Adam comes short of all liability of proof which could deny the burden of evidence that traces down the genealogy of mankind.

If Adam is a myth, the entire human race is a myth, or in another word, man is self-created.

So, if man is self-created, he is God, then if he is God, why he could not find anything better but death to keep him alive throughout the eternity.

I can see that your thesis is founded upon Darwin's evolution theory.

No one but you and Darwin have denied the undeniable reality of man origin.

I cant believe my ears! please could you be so kind to tell, when the human race begins and what was his/her name?

don't use Adam, because you said he is a myth. The last thing I would like to say is about the other mistake you have made by confusing the length of time against the eternity.

TIME can not be used as a module to measure the "ETERNITY" because TIME has a beginning and an end, but ETERNITY is endless.

It is the ETERNITY that had conceived The TIME at the beginning of the system of all things, so how could it be equaled to the length of ETERNITY.

Time begins when the sun rises in the morning and goes down in the night under the sky which marks in our grandfathers' clock twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year. In this system of things, the time begins from the beginning of the creation up till now, but the ETERNITY begins beyond the unimaginable which the human intelligence can not put a label of duration to. Finally, I am not going to argue with you about the birth right of man and woman, because you have already said that Adam is a myth, so something tells me right there that you are misinformed about the accuracy of the factual information you have gathered on the creation of man. Please, don't email me unless if you'll get your fact straight on that subject.

Thank you much, and good day!

Best regards!

Mardochard Louis

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