President Preval's report card

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The Preval/Alexis administration has congratulated itself about its performance at the head of the country.

Let us analyze the current situation to determine if its kudos are well deserved.

For this purpose, we will examine five aspects of the problems facing the population.

a) Job creation.

Although there is no specific data on the amount of jobs created since the government took power, a simple visit to Haiti suggests that the situation has not improved dramatically.

The president seemed to think that foreign companies will flow to the country as soon as the situation improves.

They have not. Even Haitians from the diaspora are reluctant to invest in a country where the situation is still unstable and conditions like a lack of electricity are not favorable to business entities.

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b) Environment.

The record of the current administration on this subject is troubling.

It is very easy to shed crocodile's tears after a catastrophe like the one in Cabaret, but it is hard and necessary to come up with a proactive plan to deal with our environmental problems.

No initiative whatsoever to plant trees throughout the country and to replace the use of charcoal with a viable alternative.

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c) Diaspora.

This is the single most important force of the country, contributing more than a couple of billion Us dollars to the haitian economy.

Yet the government treats the diaspora with no respect.

As of this day, there is no law or project of law to recuperate this group of people by giving them the possibility of double citizenship.

After a generation or two, Haiti will lose this important group of people, along with their economic power, forever.

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d) Decentralization.

Haiti is still the republic of Port-au-prince.

There is no reason why the government or the lawmakers should not pass a law demanding that all or most of the public institutions be relocated to the other cities.

EDH could move to Gonaives, BNC to Cape Haitian, Teleco to Jacmel and CAMEP to Les Cayes, for example.

This would develop the other cities while diminishing considerably the amount of people in the capital.

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e) Security.

This is the aspect the government is most proud of. Yet the results obtained the past few months seemed to be temporary.

Slowly but surely, the monster is making a comeback.

Furthermore, the fact that the government is relying on foreign troops to keep order is a sign of its weakness.

I sincerely doubt that this government will survive without the presence of the UN.
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There you have it, people! I doubt that this is a report card to be proud of and I, for one, would be ashamed to present it to my parents.

Max Johnson Fgb, October 18 2007, 9:26 AM

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