Flo What's the point? I am not thrilled by your slide show...

Mardochard Louis - October 18 2007, 9:37 PM


What's the point?

I am not thrilled by your slide show presentation of the universe.

Maybe this is the first time that you took a glimpse at the galaxy expansion.

Everything under the sky your eyes can see, your hand can touch, your ears can hear, your nose can smell, your feet can walk on, your palates can taste, and any word your mouth can express had been created by the wisdom of God, they are the reflections of His glory.

The reality is, you need to go down to the source to find the answer which your spirit is troubled by breaking with all skepticism which probably has blinded you from seeing the Divine wisdom of God from a new perspective level.

You will be wise if you follow my advice.

Mardochard Louis

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