Flo I am real, created by the Almighty God, not by the...

Mardochard Louis - October 18 2007, 10:21 PM


I am real, created by the Almighty God, not by the concocted evolution theory of that fool called Darwin.

your fallacious interpretation of human science can define the infinite wisdom of God. your explanation about the Divine creation of God is bogus and abstract, and the reality is: who has created the first atom of the universe which turns out to be the actual shape and form now?

What's the name of the scientist who created the gravity so the earth can keep rotating on its axes without crumbling down into the pitfall, and each season, according to the divine wisdom of God, can follow the can follow the course of the natural law established since the beginning of things so you can live the life which you have been granted to?

If your argument is not more convincing dare not to email me again.

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