Max, You are intellectually dishonest. Why focus on those...

Mckenzie - October 18 2007, 10:52 PM


You are intellectually dishonest.

Why focus on those aspects and not others.

Like all demagogues, you have built a strawman and proceeds to destroy it. I partly agree with you that this government has not done all that it could to ameliorate the plight of our people.

However, any honest observer would agree that the part of the government tardiness is due to a certain level of incompetence on the part of some of the "upper and middle managers".

Another factor is due to structual inadequacy of the bureaucracy that has as its genesis the twenty years of never ending crisis, that inevitably leads to a brain drain, that leads to lack of qualified cadre, etc.

Do you know the percentage of the investment budget the ministry of TPTC used that was alloted to it for the fiscal year of 2006-2007?

14%, Agriculture, 12%, Health 46% ect.-the reason, inability to absorb such funds.

Do you know the reason for that-see above and the fact that foreign firms are too afraid to come to a country that has such a high crime rate.

It is obvious that you are not interested on such matters rather you prefer to "voye monte".

Having said that, let us look at the positives:

6 out 10

6 out 10

political stability (however fragile)
7 out10

Haiti's image throughout the world

5 out of 10

Political killings

10 out of 10

Press freedom

10 out of 10

Megalomania tendency in the part of the president:

10 out of 10




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