Hi, Linda you seem to be a very passionate person about...

Rubens Titus - October 22 2007, 12:22 AM

Hi, Linda you seem to be a very passionate person about Haiti's plight and I love that much.
1. I am not an expert in Haitian culture and I am somewhat clueless on its would-be impact on an economic development model such as the one I put forward.

2. However, I do have a minor in economics, a master's degree, and a decade of experience both working and studying Haiti's economy up and downs: the SAP, the 1945 UN Plan, the MEP Plan, the Paris Club plan, Simon Fass's economic study of Lower Delmas # region, Alex Dupuy's Haiti in the New World Order, the Haitians class and color politics of Lyonel Paquin and many more.
3. So to speak, the data on Haiti is readily available: in France, in England, at the New York Public Library, at the Vatican, the US Congress Library, and so forth.

Trust me if you want data to analyze Haiti...it's out there
4. Yes, indeed most Haitians are unemployed.

I said and I can build wealth with the few tax money that the Haitian treasury collected: First of all, not all tax revenues are income tax; we also have import duties in Haiti, we also have excise taxes in Haiti, we have territorial taxes (real estate properties taxes).

..and so forth.

5. Secondly, what is money?

Is money same as capital?

Why do we have paper money to begin with in a society?

Why do we have inflation, recession?

6. If you understand those concepts, you do know how to build wealth in a society.

After the 1929 market crash and the great depression that followed in the US, almost 40% of Americans were unemployed but the US government found cash to build roads and tunnels and water dams and what not.
7. My dear, do not worry about how many Haitians are employed, we can pull a rabbit out of a hat with the little bit of tax money that is collected.

That is money in the bank.
8. When King Henry Christophe committed suicide in 1820, there were 11 millions british pounds in the royal treasury in Cap-Haitien.

How did he build some much wealth in so little time when he inherited a devasted country with just about everyone unemployed.

Food for thought, Linda...I know this sh! at #%^*&t like the back of my hands.



Topic for next week: please share your ideas, post an economic model. Contribute.

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