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Mckenzie - October 22 2007, 10:59 PM

Dear Bloggers,

I believe we have another "Jacques Pierre" in our mists, except this one prefers to identify himself as the tail end of the Roman alphabet.

Unfortunately, this Jacques Pierre is a university student who writes well. This new Jacques Pierre, a.k.a., XYZ have in common with the former one in that they share a distinct hatred for Pres. Preval.

While the previous version's knowledge about any one subject was somewhat limited, this one assures us that he is university student; therefore, replete with knowlege.

In fact, XYZ is not only educated, but he is very good looking for he referred to former president Aristide as that "macaque Aristide".

XYZ is also vice-free for he refered to our president at "that drunk".

Our friend is wise for he also referred to Pres. Preval as that "fool".

Our wise, good looking, vice-free friend has very find lungs and the sence of smell for he almost died from the stench eminating from downtown P-au-P. In fact, it was not until he got to Kenskoff that he was able to clear his pristine lungs.

Our friend lives in very fine surroundings indeed because our friend referred to Haiti as that "hell hole".

Such is his discust with our country that our friend informs us with great pomp that he was so traumatized during his last trip to Haiti that his trip to that troubled land was his first and last.

Dear bloggers, it is clear that this gentleman/lady is too good for us. We are beneath him hence the reason why he/she advised another blogger not to waste her time with us. It is my personal belief that what we have here is what the French calls a "parvenue" (excuse the spelling).

This person would have us believe that he cares about Haiti and the Haitian people (specifically the weakest among us), yet I submit to you, dear bloggers, who among us true Haitian patriots would call our home "a hell hole".

We all know that our country is beset with all kind of problems (garbage being one of them), but to hold it in utter contempt?

In closing, there is much I would like to tell our vice-free, good looking, pristine lungs university student, a delitante par excellence who resides in confort at a very safe surroundings and who breathes pristine air that he would do better to leave us Haitians to discuss ways to make our country better.

Please leave us alone.

Do not come back to this site. Please stay in your clean and free of dirt, grimes, and pullution, crime free, where good looking people abounds, where the Head of State is a tee-totaller, and above all, all XYZ are not Yahoos or lilliputians in mind and character.




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