Mr Mckenzy...I have not read all the post of XYZ. He is an...

Ti Malice - October 23 2007, 4:12 AM

Mr Mckenzy...I have not read all the post of XYZ. He is an educated man; according to what I read from some of his posts, he surely does have a good education.

He may have a degre in social science or world history.

But such degre of education is tinted by his inability to wisely chose his words to convey his message.

Such impulsivity may cloud his jugement.

Let's give him a chance.

He had some good points.

He may be angry to see the country the way it is. You are mad at him, me too, for showing no respect to the president, and to describe the country as a "hell hole".

Comparing him to Jacques Pierre is a little bit too harsh.

If he is reading this post, I would invite him to use a moderate voice.

Honestly, people like that remind us that we have a country to care for...and we can get frustrated and angry with our leaders when they fail to take the most simple step to help the country.

By the way, We had so much fun with Jacques Pierre!

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