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Mckenzie - October 23 2007, 11:32 PM


For all the pollyannas who ascribe this little peepsqueak's ill manner and boorish behavior to youthful exuberance, I offer this advice-when one indulges a wayward youth, you are not helping him/her rather you are giving him carte blanche to persist in his/her bad behavior.

This young person is rude, disrespectful and in need of a good old fashion a-s whipping; failing that- a stern talking to. In fact, I have just the sulution: for homework, might I suggest that the little peepsqueak to go to his mother and while sitting on her lap ask her how it came about that she and his/her dad came to this country.

As all good mother should, I am sure she will respond that before she came to this country she used to live in a one-room mud hut, with no indoor toilet and running water.

She and her nine siblings used to sleep stacked up one on top of the other.

By the grace of God almighty, she received either a tourist visa or a ride on a sturdy boat. She arrived (like most immigrants) pennyless and with only the blouse on her back. However, because she and his/her dad worked very hard, they were able to provide him/her with a place to live, food to eat, and a provide him/her with a modicum of an education.

Mommy will then caution XYZ to never look down on our people who are not fortunate as they are. XYZ, like all good student, will go to bed thinking about what mommy had told him/her, and before the little bugger lays his/her empty little lilliputian head down the pillow, he/she will pray thusly: "Dear God, I thank you for your mercy.

By Your grace, you have delivered mom and dad from a horrible situation not of their own making".

Thank you for given me the opportunity that they did not have and others who remained in that poor beliguered country.

To that end, I say "there by the grace of God go I" for "it could easily have been me who smells of sweat and do not have water to bathe or deodorant to use" Amen. With that the little Yahoo will fall asleep.



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